The Rural Health Voice Talks with Secretary Hopkins

April 9, 2019 — Virginia has 725,000 Veterans across the state, many of which live in our rural communities. Who speaks for them? RHV talked with Carlos Hopkins, Virginia Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs.

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At a Glance: Virginia Veterans Statistics

Virginia has:

The fastest growing veteran population in the Nation.

The greatest number of veterans in the workforce per capita.

The largest percentage of women veterans.

The largest percentage of veterans under the age of 28.

1 in 10 Virginians is a veteran (approx. 800,000).

Added more Veterans to its workforce than all other states put together.

Virginia is First for Veterans

  • On November 11, 2015, Virginia became the first state to functionally end veteran homelessness.
  • Virginia is the first state to convene a summit, inspired by the Governor's A Healthy Virginia plan, with key Veterans Administration (VA), state, and private health provider leaders to accelerate access to health care for veterans.
  • Virginia is the first state to develop provider agreements between Federally-Qualified Health Centers and the VA (partnerships at 22 sites throughout the state).
  • Virginia was the first state to file VA Benefits electronically.
  • Virginia was the first state to create a unique program to employ former military medics and corpsmen in Virginia’s health systems.


Department of Veterans Services

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Department of Military Affairs

Plans, coordinates, maintains situational awareness, and employs forces for homeland security and homeland defense in order to respond to any incidents within the Commonwealth.

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