Veterans and Military Laws in Virginia

Waiver of One Year Residency Requirement for In-State Tuition

  • The one year residency requirement for in-state tuition is waived for those residing in the Commonwealth who are: active duty military, retired military personnel, veterans, or dependent spouse and children who voluntarily establish Virginia as their permanent residence (Code of Virginia - § 23-7.4).


Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children

  • Agreement between states that removes barriers to educational success imposed on military families because of frequent moves and deployments of their parents

  • Facilitates timely enrollment of military children K-12, ensuring they are not disadvantaged by the transfer of education records from previous school district

  • Provides uniform data collection and sharing between member states, schools, and military families

  • Facilitates the qualification and eligibility for enrollment, educational programs, and participation in extracurricular academic, athletic, and social activities.

  • (Code of Virginia - § 22.1-360)


Military Spouse Unemployment Compensation 

  • if a military spouse voluntarily leaves his/her job to accompany spouse being transferred to another state (with a similar provision), that is for a good cause; he/she will receive unemployment compensation (Code of Virginia - § 60.2-528).


Licensing Transfer for Military Spouses

  • The state has a licensing transfer in any business, profession, or occupation in the Commonwealth, if the licensing requirements in the previous state are pretty equal with those in Virginia (Code of Virginia - § 54.1-119).


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